Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m Kaitlyn! I’m newly-married and in my early twenties. I’m busy navigating the kitchen, being a wife and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m on a quest to find easy, nutritious meals that don’t break the bank.

It starts with one simple change

Leading a healthy, happy life doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve discovered that in my own life, it’s the simplest things that have gotten me on, and kept me on a journey for better health. Like drinking enough water and taking a whole food nutritional product everyday.

It doesn’t have to break the bank

It really doesn’t! You don’t have to spend a ton of money trying to get healthy. I’m currently on a budget that is not at all excessive. It’s about knowing how and what to cook for your family. You may find that you could actually save money eating a healthy diet. No kidding! Cutting out junk and buying real whole foods is much cheaper than buying prepackaged processed foods. Trust me.

Let’s do it together!

I’m no pro at this. I’ve actually had some insecurities when it’s come to the kitchen, but since I like to confront them head on… Here I am! I’m making messes and not reading the recipe before getting started and all that fun, crazy stuff that creates memories, and has your husband coming home asking, “What happened?”.

So what exactly goes on at TrimmelyKait?

  • Creating nutritious, budget friendly meals that you can throw together in 30 minutes or less
  • Sharing helpful, practical tips for staying on budget.
  • Bringing you advice for getting more nutrition into your diet.
  • Encouraging you to take a deep breath, be thankful and take care of you, because YOU. are. worth. it.
  • And last but not least, having some fun in the process!