Why The World Needs Your Authenticity When It Comes to Your Business.

I made a goal this month to apply to, or pitch to 10 jobs or potential clients every day this month. I felt good about this and confident that I would reach the income goal that I had also set for this month. As I applied for job after job, I became more and more discouraged and stressed. This is not what I had in mind when I decided to go after my dreams and be a writer.

In the middle of applying for yet another job, I took a minute to breathe. I knew that stressing wasn’t going to do me any favors for getting the sample article they were asking for, so I decided to take my dog on a walk. Maybe the fresh air would help me clear my head.

Walking down the sidewalk of my small town, I wasn’t able to take in the beauty of the colorful autumn leaves that floated down around me to rest on the ground. I was too stressed to notice how pretty the houses looked surrounded by the large trees that were brining so much vivid color to each yard. 

On the square, I ran into my sister-in-law and close friend. As I let my frustrations pour out to her while standing there on the sidewalk, my golden retriever now laying at my feet, my frustration and stress began to make sense to me. I had lost my way.

I had let the pressure of meeting a goal, cloud out my heart’s true desire. I had let the need for money push me away from who I really was and what I was all about. I had lost my authenticity.

Who am I and what am I all about? 

This is a question we all should be asking ourselves as we run our business and especially as we lay the foundations for them in the beginning. As I did some soul searching myself, I saw my mistake in forgetting to ask this important question. 

My mistake in not asking this question, had me applying for any job out there, and left me with no real direction when it came to the services that I was hoping to offer to my clients.

As I came back to the center, and let the pressure and stress fade into the background I was able to remember what had gotten me started as a writer, to begin with. I had wanted to inspire others by telling them a story that would stir their hearts. I had wanted to offer helpful information that would give them the tools they needed to tackle what was in front of them. 

As I took a good hard look into the difference I wanted to make in the world by offering my services, I was better able to narrow down who my potential client actually was. As I dug deeper into what my heart was in starting this business I started to visualize what exactly my services would be.

When we answer the question, “Who am I?”, it gives us the ability to see if this line of work or the business we are in, is going to be fulfilling. Is it going to be something that makes us jump out of bed in the morning, excited to start the day, or are we going to be dragging our feet loaded down with stress?

When we are able to answer the question “What am I all about?”, we are able to get a clearer picture in our minds of the difference our business will make in the word. When we know what WE value, we can set those things up as values in our business, giving us a mission statement and allowing us to stand out in our own unique way.

Authenticity helps you stand out from the crowd.

Being authentic is going to help you stand out from those around you. YOU are the face of your business and the more real and true to yourself you are, the more your business is going to stand out. 

Do you know what your passions and mission is in your company? Share it. The more you know yourself the easier this will be for you, and the more you are able to share that with your clients or customers the easier it will be for them to connect with you.

It makes you more relatable and easier to connect with.

When you allow your personality to shine through your business, you give your customers or clients the opportunity to get to know you. The more they get to see who you are, what you’re like and what your passions are, the more likely they will find a connection. 

It’s the connection that’s most likely to keep them coming back.

It’s worth it to be true to yourself.

When it comes down to it, do we even want to own a business that we can’t be our authentic selves in? I know I don’t. Like I said before, asking myself that two-fold-question, “Who am I, and what am I all about?” was the key to opening me up to being authentic in my business. 

Without it, I wouldn’t have discovered a way to do what I love in my business. I wouldn’t have uncovered my very important mission statement. 

Let’s remember who we are in our businesses. Let’s let our authenticity shine through our business.

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