3 Ways To Start Living Your Dream Today

If there is anything I’ve been learning lately, it’s this: Life is what you make it. We all choose what we want our life to be like. Do we want to be healthy? Happy? Restful? Peaceful? We can choose those things, beginning right now.

Now, before I get into this, I just want to say, I know that not everyone has the options that I have. I know how frustrating it can be to hear someone go on and on about how they go to the gym, read 5 books a month, write down 20 things they’re thankful for everyday and always keep a clean house, with 2 kids and working a full time job. I worked a full time job, went to the gym and was so exhausted when I got home, that many times I opted out of making dinner. Yes, I know, I’m pitiful, because I don’t even have little humans to take care of.

The beginning of this year I set goals for myself and then worked my butt off the first couple of months to achieve them, trying to create the life I wanted. Trying to work hard so we would have enough money to kick back one day and live our dream life. I didn’t get very far, mainly because I didn’t pace myself. I dove all in working hard and barely making time for anything else.

When I took off for a couple of days to be with my family while my mom had surgery back in April, my soul found some much needed quiet time. I took deep breaths and relished the peace that came with being still. I listened to the birds sing, and then I started asking myself what in the world had I been up to that had been so important, that I had missed out on this?

What do you want your life to look like?

I started taking the time to actually dream about the kind of life I wanted to live. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like being busy, I didn’t enjoy spending everyday running from one thing to the next. I started to hate the fact that I rarely had time for a meaningful conversation with a friend. I know some people who love having a busy, full schedule, and if that is you, awesome! I personally, need time for reflection and the space to be creative.

So this is what I did. I determined what it was that I wanted my life to look like. I wanted my future self to be healthy, happy, inspiring to others and most of all peaceful. I wanted to be there for my husband as he worked towards his goals and dreams, and I wanted to be there for my kids, healthy, happy and enjoying life. I didn’t want to own big business where I had to be out a couple evenings a week, and leave me too exhausted and distracted to be the kind of support that I wanted to be, to my husband in his goals and dreams.

What things in your present life aren’t bringing you joy?

The second thing I did, was slow down. I slowed down enough to see what wasn’t bringing me joy. I came to the realize that I had been forcing myself to do things that I hated doing.

One of those things being my side hustle. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I was doing, it was that I didn’t like the system that I had been following. Rather than giving it up altogether, I stepped away from it to have some time to think.

If I could find a way to do it that I enjoyed, I wouldn’t dread it everyday. After some searching on the internet, I found what I was looking for, and began making a plan to put it in place.

I didn’t get back on it right away. By then I had found that if I wanted to enjoy right now, I would need to wait until I had more time, and that working on one thing at a time would get me closer to my goals more quickly, without sacrificing the time I had right then.

What’s the one thing you can start doing to get you closer to who you want to be?

The third thing I did was determined what was the one thing I could start doing that would get me closer to who I wanted to be. I decided on working on my health. I had consistently been going to the gym 3 times a week and walking or running twice a week, but now it was time to cook up something nutritious.

I set to work consistently putting healthy meals on the table. The future version of me, is a joyful, vibrant mother who’s doing her best to invest in her health as well as her families, so by beginning now, I know that I’ll be that much better at it, when I DO have children.

I don’t know where you are right now, but if you aren’t finding joy in the life you are living today, do you think you’re going to magically start enjoying it in 10 years from now, when you’ve built your side hustle into a full time job, or you husband is making enough for you all to finally get your dream home?

So you wanna know what I’m doing today? I’m going to the lake with some people that are very special to me. I’m going to be present with them and enjoy the sunshine. This morning I put in my time. I put in my time to work on my future dream, and now I’m going to leave that be, and go enjoy today.

What about you? When was the last time you took the time to do something that YOU enjoy doing? When was the last time you quieted your soul and listened to the birds sing? Are you working towards a day when you can finally enjoy the things you’ve worked hard for?

If this post was helpful to you, or just intresting, let me know in the comment section below. I love hearing from my readers.

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