Beginnings. The beginning of anything can be hard and scary, but it is also fun and exciting. In a little over a years time, I’ve experienced quite a few beginnings.

The beginning of my life with my very best friend and lover, the beginning of my health journey, the beginning of working my own business, the beginning of our journey to financial peace and now the beginning of this blog.

To get started, I’d like to share just a little bit about myself, and my health journey. Firstly, I love writing. Writing is how I process my thoughts and feelings. I am a much better person when I’m doing some form of writing, whether it’s journaling or writing a story. I am the wife of Jake. We’ve been married for a little over a year now. It’s been a fun, exciting year, but as every honest couple would probably say, it’s been hard sometimes. I love every minute of it though!

My health journey started not long after we were married. We both have wanted our health to be a priority right from the start. When we first were married, it was really hard because we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on groceries. I pretty much bought the bare necessities. Thankfully, things are much better now, although I still try to keep a fairly tight budget. I try to include as many fruits and veggies on our grocery list as our budget will allow. I avoid gluten, refined sugar and dairy products, not religiously though (more on that in coming posts). I am from a family of 16 so cooking from scratch is no biggie for me. Actually, there aren’t many things that I have cooked that came in a box. (chuckle)

For me, health is not so much about following a diet, as it is about putting the things in your body that make you feel good. I have always aimed to be healthy, but my health journey didn’t really take off until a friend introduced me to Juice Plus. I’ll be sharing more on that in coming posts, but for right now, I just want to say that that was the beginning of knowing what healthy feels like. Since then, I’ve been able to identify the things that don’t make me feel great. I’ve been able to either cut those things out, or only consume them in amounts that don’t give me digestive issues or make me tired and sluggish. For example, having the occasional cheese and crackers as a snack doesn’t effect me, but eating yogurt and then having a glass of milk or a bowl of cottage cheese is definitely going to make me feel bloated. The same with sugar and gluten. You’ll be hearing me talk about the reasons behind my food choices in coming posts, as well as seeing gluten and dairy free recipes.

Our journey to financial peace began in February of this year. Starting out in life on the right track in our finances is important to us. A lot of people seem to think that having a budget is going to be restrictive. It’s not. I have found that having a budget gives me permission to spend. It’s actually freeing to me. I’m more peaceful knowing that we are saving towards our future or are close to getting the car paid off. I heard Jim Rohn say something to the extent of, ” Some people go through there day not knowing if they are winning or losing”. Having a budget helps me know that we are winning. Everyday that we stick to it, I know that that day, we are winning, and it works the same in your health.

I’m excited to be sharing my successes as well as my failures with you in my health and financial peace journey! I hope you’ll stick around so that we can cheer each other on in our journeys, and everyone needs someone to laugh with them about there mistakes!

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